Tutoring Sessions (Grades 1-12)

The Peel Music Academy offers a wide range of tutoring opportunities for students who are interested in honing their skills in subjects such as English, French, math, and science, to name a few. We offer private tutoring sessions for students of all ages and abilities.

Courses Offered

• Math -– Grade 1-12 Levels

• English –- Grade 1-12 Levels

• Science -– Grade 1-12 Levels

• French -– Grade 1-12 Levels

• Spanish –- Grade 1-12 Levels

Tutoring for Students with Learning Disabilities

We are proud to offer tutoring for children with learning disabilities.

Tutoring helps students who are struggling and have learning difficulties, to develop academic skills and self confidence.

Our teacher is qualified and experienced in Special Education, and will work with the student 's individual assessment from school.

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