Instrument Sales

The Peel Music Academy does not merely consist of teaching facilities, as we house an extensive library of instructional books, sheet music, accessories, and sell a variety of high quality brand name musical instruments. Whether you simply need a new pick or set of strings for your guitar, or if you are looking to purchase a state-of-the-art digital piano, we are more than happy to help you purchase a quality product that will fit your budget.

Although we do not advertise ourselves as a music store, we strive to ensure that we can best accommodate our students by providing them the equipment and/or resources necessary to succeed. If we do not have the particular item you are looking for, we have numerous contacts that can often result in us being able to order it for you at a much cheaper price than retail.

Essentially, the Peel Music Academy serves as a one-stop-shop for its students. In the event that you are looking to rent an instrument for a period of time, we have a more limited selection of quality products that we can arrange for you to rent at reasonable rates.

Instruments we sell

• Pianos -– (digital)

• •Guitars –- (acoustic, electric, junior)

• •Violins

• •Flutes/Clarinets/Saxophones

• ••Drums

• •Guitar picks, Strings, etc.

• ••Metronomes

• •Books - instructional, leisure music, pop songs, jazz, etc.)

• ••& much more

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