Private Music Lessons (All Ages)

The Peel Music Academy offers professional and private individual lessons for a wide variety of musical instruments and styles, as well as theory, harmony and history classes. Whether you want to ascend through the RCM system or simply learn to play a new or favourite instrument, the Peel Music Academy has you covered!

What We Offer

• Piano -– Classical, Improvisational, Jazz, Blues, Arranging

• Vocal –- Various styles

• Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone -– Various Styles

• Guitar -– Various styles

• Violin –- Classical

• Drums –- Various styles

• Theory -– Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Special Needs Students

For children, and adults, with special needs, music provides a fun and creative way to learn important life skills. It helps them promote self expression, motor skills and a sense of well being and self-awareness. It encourages them to be creative.

Each person is unique and so will experience music in their own way, and our teachers will work to encourage their individuality.

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